The Scarlet Letter, 1934 film

The Scarlet Letter is a 1934 film adaptation of Nathaniel Hawthorne's novel under the same name. Directed by Robert G. Vignola, the film stars Colleen Moore as Hester Prynne, Henry B. Walthall as Roger Chillingworth, Betty Blythe as Innkeeper, William Farnum as Gov. Bellingham, and Hardie Albright as Arthur Dimmesdale.

Hester Prynne has a child out of wedlock and refuses to name the father (who is a respected citizen). For this, she is sentenced to wear a red letter "A" (for adultery). Her husband is long missing and presumed dead. When the husband returns and finds his wife with another man's child, he sets out to torture them. At last, the father reveals himself, with a letter "A" carved in his chest. Read More >>